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Airdrie Driving School

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Airdrie Driving School is based in the province of Alberta and offers a variety of driving lessons for both city and rural driving. It is run by Glen Waddell, who has been a driving instructor for over thirty years. The institute offers programs for novice drivers and experienced drivers looking to avail of insurance discounts.

The institute was established with the main focus being on the importance of rural driving skills. Reports have shown that nearly 89% of all vehicular fatalities in the province have occurred in rural areas. Airdrie Driving School has specially designed its courses with both city driving and rural driving in mind, with its rural driving courses aimed at dealing with issues unique to rural driving. These include 2-lane highway driving and driving on gravel roads.

The institute encourages family participation in its driving courses. In the case of novice drivers, parents are encouraged to join in the training process by consulting with the institute instructor and assisting in home coaching. This kind of training can build a tremendous amount of confidence for beginner drivers.

Airdrie Driving School offers courses in defensive driving for beginners as well as an insurance discount program. The courses cover areas such as proper control of the vehicle as well as visual habits that the driver should practice. All road rules and regulations are covered. Students will also learn about evasive driving maneuvers and how to maintain a safety cushion while driving. Vehicle maintenance and inspection are also covered so that students will become more familiar with the vehicle and how it operates.

  • Evasive Driving Maneuvers - INSURANCE DISCOUNT PROGRAM
  • Maintaining A Space Cushion - INSURANCE DISCOUNT PROGRAM
  • Rules and Regulations - INSURANCE DISCOUNT PROGRAM
  • Superior skill and control - INSURANCE DISCOUNT PROGRAM
  • Vehicle For Road Test
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Inspection

    Program Keywords:
  • Automotive and Auto Technician
  • Banking, Insurance and Financial Services
  • Massage and Spa Therapy

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