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Joji's Hair Design Academy International

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Jojiís Hair Design Academy, Vancouver, Canada is an international hair design academy that is credited by the PCTAI. It was one of the first accredited schools, founded in 1996. It offers beginners programs as well as programs that are designed to help the refresh practicing stylists and colorists refresh their skills. The students are taught Creative Classics, Original Style, Innovative Color Formulations, Technical Texturizing, Updo's - Session Work and Professional Ethics.

The founder of the institute, Joji, and her director of education travel to Italy, France and London to keep the school up-to-date with current trends as well as to help them devise innovative and exclusively designs and styles. All instructors at Jojiís Hair Design Academy are highly trained graduates who have enrolled for a teacherís diploma program. They are fully licensed professionals with a great deal of experience.

Jojiís Hair Design Academy offers programs such as the basic fundamentals of hair dressing and the teacherís cosmetology diploma. The basic program lasts for 1500 hours or 10 months. The students are taught about bone structure, shape and the suitability of different styles. The program is a full-time program from 8.30 am to 6 pm.

Successful students will be awarded a Professional Portfolio and a Graduation Diploma from Joji's Hair Design Academy International. They have a wide variety of jobs in the exciting world of fashion and cosmetology. The teacherís cosmetology diploma will help students develop as individuals as well as hone leadership skills, enabling them to become exemplary instructors.

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