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Profile of Northern Lights Academy of Cosmetology

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Northern Lights Academy of Cosmetology

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Northern Lights Academy of Cosmetology is situated in City of Grand Prairie in Alberta, Canada. It is within easy reach as it is located on the main street of Grand Prairie itself. It is a private school for vocational course in hairstyling. Their hairstyling program is accredited and regulated by the Government of Canada. The text books used by them are also government approved.

The course is divided into equal hours of school learning and apprenticeship and both go on side by side during the course. The classes are held four times in a week and it takes about nine months to complete the required number of hours. The students are trained in a proper salon like set-up. This also teaches them the skill of managing their time properly while working in a hair salon.

The Northern Lights Academy of Cosmetology emphasizes the importance of attending all the classes during the course. The students get personal attention from the expert and experienced instructors and get to train on actual clients. This gives them a first-hand experience of carrying out varied hair styles and of handling different types of clients.

Although, Northern Lights Academy of Cosmetology can not assure job placement but they assist their students in finding jobs in well- reputed salons across the city of Grand Prairie. The students are well equipped to work in different work environments.

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