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Professional Medical Associates

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The Professional Medical Associates in association with Alberta College of Paramedics has active programs that have been approved by the Health Disciplines Board of Alberta. A short while ago, the Emergency Medical Technician program was revised as the Primary Care Paramedic program and the Emergency Medicine Technologist-Paramedic program was revised as the Advanced Care Paramedic Program. The programs have received the highest level of accreditation by the Canadian Medical Association and this allows them to be nationally recognized and accepted.

Since 1995, the Professional Medical Associates have been offering a vast range of courses and programs. The Emergency Medical Technologist is a Paramedic program offered by the institute along with Emergency Medical Technician Program, Emergency Medical Responder Program, Emergency Medical Dispatcher Program, CPR and First Aid Programs and Refresher Programs on basic and advanced life support. The EMT and EMT-P programs have recently been licensed under the Private Vocational Schools Act.

In the EMT program, the student learns a number of skills including analyzing the scene and general hazardous materials, managing and assessing the ill or injured victims using basic procedures. The student also learns to use equipment such as an ambulance, communication, extrication and diagnostic equipment. There are several career opportunities with the EMT program. The graduates generally pick up work in the ambulance profession, services run by the municipality, fire department, private organizations or in an industrial setting. Advancement in career can include administration and management, public and community relations, research and design or instructional pursuits.

  • CPR and First Aid Programs
  • Emergency Medical Dispatcher Program (Medical Priority)
  • Emergency Medical Responder Program
  • Emergency Medical Technician Program
  • Emergency Medical Technologist - Paramedic Program
  • Refresher Programs - Basic and Advanced Life Support

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  • CPR and First Aid
  • Massage and Spa Therapy
  • Medical
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