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Canada Boat and Marine Career College Programs

Boat and Marine trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.

Boat and Marine

Perhaps one of the most exciting yet unconventional fields today is that of boatbuilding. While many leaps and strides have been made in the way we travel by land and air, travel by water using wooden boats has become something of a recreation. However, as pleasure trip transportation, boats are very popular. From speed boats to yachts, many people find pleasure in owning a small boat or yacht that they can take out from time to time. The demand for these kinds of boats has steadily increased over the years, with the need for trained boat builders rising along with it.

Boat building is a lucrative career that can extend into a number of other careers, both on land and sea. Knowledge of boat building is not limited to simply manufacturing traditional wooden boats. After participating in a number of boat-building cycles, students will be equipped to tackle a number of repair issues as well as a variety of woodworking projects.

A boat building course involves a number of different subjects, all combined into one. Students will learn about the construction of the boat, right down to making blueprints and thus understand the engineering of the boat. Students will also learn about fitting boats with outboard motors and other devices. Classes will usually consist of the actual construction of a small boat and after completing a number of these, the student will be well-versed in the practical applications of boat building. Under close supervision and in small teams of 3 or 4, students will fabricate the backbone of the boat, manufacture the lofting, build and molds, shape and fit planks, rivet steamed frames, varnish the boat and rig it for use. Boat building usually covers six months and the boat will be tested and sailed at the completion of the project.

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