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Canada Computer Networking and Internet Security Career College Programs

Computer Networking and Internet Security trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.

Computer Networking and Internet Security

As the age of the computer moves forward in leaps and bounds, more and more companies are jumping aboard the cyber bandwagon in order to take advantage of the barrage of new technology. But along with this boom comes important concerns about internet security and keeping the company network functioning at optimum level, free from security threats. A career in computer networking and internet safety looks into means to safeguard the cyberworld. One can guarantee immediate employment and a strong financial future.

Cyberspace is still a largely un-policed area with hackers always finding new and ingenious ways to get into sensitive and high security areas. A trained professional in computer networking and internet security is responsible for ensuring that systems always run under proper security so that the company cannot be compromised in any way. In this way, the company can always function using its networking system and internet without worrying about security concerns.

All computer networking and internet security programs will offer instruction for both Microsoft and Unix systems. Students are taught about firewalls, VPNs, SSL, security for Linux and Windows, intrusion detection, risk analysis, the fundamentals of computer security and aspects of implementing computer safety. Students will also learn how to assemble a design team and design a secure infrastructure for the company network. Students must also learn how to model threats in order to identify the best way to isolate and deal with a problem before it spreads.

As different operating systems continue to appear on the market and a host of security threats and risks continue to crop up in cyberspace, a well-trained computer networking and internet security professional could very well be the key to the successful operation of a business's online activities. It is an ideal career option for those looking for a challenge in the computer field.

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