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Canada Construction, Surveying and Building Career College Programs

Construction, Surveying and Building trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.

Construction, Surveying and Building

The fields of construction, surveying and building are growing like never before, as the country begins to open up to make room for more commercial and residential structures. As the demand for these kinds of buildings increases, there is also a rising need for qualified construction workers who are trained in surveying and building. Today, in places like British Columbia, the construction business is the province's biggest major employer. With the proper training and knowledge of the latest trends in construction technology, you can secure a bright and financially sound future in the fields of construction, surveying and building.

Any course on construction, surveying and building will offer a background into a number of areas, ranging from legal to engineering issues. Students can always opt for specialized courses or take extra classes for subjects such as carpentry, metal work, etc. The more skills you acquire, the better your chances are for landing a challenging and well-paying job. All programs will cover material testing, drafting, surveying, estimating, inspecting and coordinating. Students will learn about the various codes, regulations and standards that apply to buildings. This includes specifications on a provincial, municipal and national level as they pertain to both civil and commercial constructions.

Students will also learn how to operate Computer Aided Design software to make 2D and 3D images. CAD software is usually used in engineering and architectural design and knowledge of how this operates is beneficial to any construction technician. Students will learn about rules pertaining to on-site safety and how to deal with occupational hazards. Students will learn how to estimate costs regarding materials, labor costs and overhead. They will learn how to test materials in order to ensure they are suitable for construction purposes. Students are also taught how to develop site maps and technical drawings.

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