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Canada Cooking and Baking Career College Programs

Cooking and Baking trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.

Cooking and Baking

A field that has been steadily growing over the years is that of cooking and baking. Hotels and restaurants have taken the art of serving the discerning customer to a completely new level, offering a wide range of culinary options for customers to choose from. From catering to weddings, conferences or big events, serving up good food has become a top priority.

The demand for qualified chefs has been on the rise, with a special demand for those skilled in international cuisine and baking. The field of culinary arts has hence become a challenging one and keeping abreast of new trends in taste and nutrition are a must for any culinary artist. However, a career in the fields of cooking and baking can be an extremely rewarding one with a number of ways to diversify and expand in the future.

A professional in cooking and baking must be aware of both the art and the science of cooking. This includes understanding aspects as varied as kitchen hygiene, to consolidating a menu. Students of most culinary programs will first learn about professionalism in the kitchen and hygiene. They will also learn culinary terminology and knife skills. Students are also taught how to prepare and cook vegetables, legumes, fish, poultry and red meat. They are further taught the basics of preparing soups and stocks.

Apart from learning about sauces, students will also become well-versed in classic and nouvelle French Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, Vegetarian Cuisine and Asian Cuisine. Students are taught about food history, nutrition, recipe-writing, menu creation and food costing. They will also be required to master bread and pastry making, cakes, dough, chocolate work, custards, soufflTs, meringues, tarts and ice cream. Upon completion of this program, students will be able to find employment in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, catering companies and cruise ships.

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