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ESL and TOEFL trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.


Canada has become a truly multicultural country with a number of people from all over the world coming to make a new life for them here. Many of these people do not have sufficient English skills to complete their education or get good employment. The need for well-trained teachers who can teach English as a second language and help students through the Testing of English as a Foreign Language exam is currently very high and employment options numerous.

Today most colleges, schools and community centers offer English language coaching. Teachers must know how to teach the language to adults whose first language may be quite different from English. Accordingly, most programs geared towards teaching English as a second language teach psychology and ways in which students can better absorb the fundamental aspects of the language.

Classes that offer instruction on how to teach English as a second language cover a wide variety of aspects. Students will learn how to design lesson plans and manage the class, particularly unruly students. Students will also learn different ways in which to teach aspects of grammar. They will learn how to engage the class while teaching, in order to encourage the class to become familiar with using English as a communication tool. Students will learn how to teach pronunciation, the sounds of English, listening, reading and writing. Students will also learn how to assess their classes and identify problem areas that need special attention.

Students will also learn how to teach English creatively and will learn to conduct seminars and special projects on the English language. Students can opt to specialize in a particular field or find immediate employment in special education centers, schools and colleges. A career in teaching English as a second language holds a great deal of potential for the future.

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