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Employment and Career Counselling

As more and more job openings and career options hit the market today, it can be difficult to choose the right opening. A growing number of trained graduates and inexperienced people alike are finding it difficult to figure out where to go when it comes to tackling the job market. From posting a resume to attending interviews, the entire experience can be bewildering without proper guidance.

Today a number of different people are trying to find suitable employment. Some might be experienced workers looking to advance in their careers. Others may be first time workers with no experience and little training. A career counselor offers people the help they need to find the right job- they do not necessarily find the job for their client. Instead, they help people build up the required skills needed in assessing the kind of job they want, review their own skills and how to find the right kind of employment.

Today most academic institutions have trained professional career counselors on board to help students make decisions regarding their future. Career counselors can also work independently and if they are business-oriented, they can also do placement services and headhunting. A career counselor will sit with a client for a few sessions in order to gauge the kind of skills the person has, their attitude and aptitude, their background and what kind of job they are best suited for. A counselor will use a number of tools for this including assessment tests and personal interviews. A career counselor must also be up to date on the job market, know what skills are required for what jobs and the kind of payment a person can expect.

Most career counselors have degrees in mental health counseling, community counseling or psychological counseling with a specialization in career counseling.

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