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Canada Horticulture and Landscape Career College Programs

Horticulture and Landscape trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.

Horticulture and Landscape

Landscaping and horticulture are fields that are often underestimated and have tremendous potential for establishing a lucrative career. Nowadays, many people are ready to invest the money to make their garden look attractive, whether it's just regular maintenance work or establishing something like a rock garden. Even large corporations and businesses like to keep well landscaped premises to convey an aesthetic sense and to create a positive atmosphere both to visitors and employees alike.

Landscaping and horticulture is a vast field which involves both aesthetic as well as scientific knowledge. Landscaping professionals must be aware of everything from botany to the latest trends in landscaping machinery and tools. While it is a demanding and challenging field, it is a career that can be both financially secure while allowing you to express yourself as creatively as possible.

Programs geared towards training horticulture and landscaping professionals will cover a wide range of subjects. Students will learn the rudiments of botany including plant life cycles, morphology, anatomy, scientific nomenclature as well as plant classification. They will also learn about different soil types, which soils are best suited for which plants and how to change the chemical components of a soil type in order to make it more fertile. Students will also learn about plant cultures and how to identify plants using a certain set of characteristics.

Students will then learn about landscaping installation and maintenance, covering skills such as weed control, pruning, fertilization, pest control and watering. They will learn the different types of pruning techniques and their effects. Students will also cover pest control and management as well as the installation and maintenance of turf grass. Irrigation techniques, drainage systems and the importance of safe work materials and procedures are also taught.

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