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Canada Law Office and Paralegal Studies Career College Programs

Law Office and Paralegal Studies trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.

Law Office and Paralegal Studies

The realm of paralegal studies has long served as the first step for many people who have gone on to establish successful careers in the legal field. While a stable career can be built on paralegal studies itself, it can also serve as a strong foundation for a career in law. Today, the need for professional paralegals has grown and employment opportunities are varied, often extending past the legal realm itself.

Courses that are geared towards training students for a career in paralegal studies will cover aspects of law, business and administration. Students will study an introduction to criminal law, legal office procedures, criminal procedures, legal communication, case laws, rules of evidence, court examinations, provincial laws and court, civil law, highway traffic offences, contracts, torts and liabilities. Students will also learn about small claims court, actions and claims, the Canadian civil court structure, trial objectives, family law, divorce acts and petitions, property disputes, land ownership and tenant/landlord laws.

Paralegal study courses will also cover aspects of business communication, bookkeeping and computer applications in order to deal with responsibilities inside a law office. Students will also learn about credit and collection procedures, including consumer rights, bankruptcy and creditor rights. Litigation and civil procedure are also taught along with skills on how to prepare for a trial, settlement techniques and post-trial procedures. Students will also learn about various aspects of corporate law including aspects such as articles, amendments, patents, registrations, shareholders and dissolution procedures.

There are numerous career options available to graduates with training in paralegal studies. Students can find immediate employment in banks or financial institutions, insurance companies, paralegal firms, government offices and legal clinics. Students may also opt to specialize or diversify in a particular field. A career in paralegal studies is one that has many opportunities for the future.

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