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Pilot Training trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.

Pilot Training

The way that we travel has changed dramatically in the last few decades. Air travel, which was initially something that was done once in a while, is now becoming a favored mode of travel, especially for people who are in international business and need to travel on a regular basis. Air travel has now become more affordable and frequent and as a result, the need for trained pilots has also risen.

The employment scope for pilots has also increased tremendously. Pilots can find jobs in government services, as commercial pilots, rescue pilots or pilots for private aircrafts. There is also a demand for pilots who can fly ski planes and sea planes as well.

Programs that teach pilot training will cover a wide range of subjects and will also require that students log in the required number of hours of airtime as part of the practical assessment. These programs will teach students about how to become familiar with flying as well as teach them basic maneuvers. Students will also learn how to prepare for a flight, taking into consideration weather conditions and an assessment of the plane to make sure it is in the proper condition to fly. Students will also learn about ancillary cockpit controls, aircraft taxiing, attitudes and movements while airborne, straight and level flying, turns, climbs, descents, calculating maximum range and endurance, slow flight, stalls, spiral dives, spinning, the hazards of flying in wind drifts, side slipping, take offs, landings, precautionary landings, pilot navigation, forced landings, emergency procedures, instrument flying and radio communication.

Graduates can easily find immediate employment in a number of fields or choose to specialize in a number of flight-related fields. Becoming a pilot is an exciting and lucrative career option and is perfect for those who love adventure.

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