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Canada Truck Driver and Driving Career College Programs

Truck Driver and Driving trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.

Truck Driver and Driving

Though today's day and age has seen a number of advancements in the fields of transportation, the use of heavy vehicles and trucks for long-distance transportation still remains a popular option. Whether it is moving house cross-country or transporting animals from one zoo to another, trucks and large vehicles are used for their durability and reliability. There is a growing need for trained truck drivers today.

Though the mode of transportation may be age old, the trucks themselves have adapted themselves to the computer age. This means that truck drivers need to know how to operate the latest kinds of technology, including internet and global tracking systems. Programs designed to teach students about truck driving skills will cover these aspects and provide students the opportunity to clock in some on the road driving as well.

Truck driving courses teach students about vehicle orientation and safety, vehicle terms and definitions, pre-trip procedures, en-route and post-trip inspections, basic control systems, operating the coupling and uncoupling mechanism and the initial starting and maneuvering of the truck.

Students then learn about the common mistakes truck drivers make and how to avoid them. They will also learn about the air braking system, up shifting and downshifting, fuel conservation, backing up, bobtail, angle and advanced backing, speed and space management, the Smith system, night driving, city driving, hazard perception, emergency maneuvers and adverse driving.

With these courses, the students will also learn about cargo handling, documentation, dispatching, service requirements, logbook training, trip planning, vehicle maintenance and employer and public relations. While truck driving can be a demanding profession, it offers a great scope for development and a stable financial future as well. Graduates can find immediate employment in a number of shipping companies or can specialize in order to do different kinds of heavy vehicle transportation.

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