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Canada Veterinary Assistant and Animal Care Career College Programs

Veterinary Assistant and Animal Care trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.

Veterinary Assistant and Animal Care

A career as a veterinary assistant is the perfect job opportunity for those who love animals. It combines the expertise of basic animal care and treatment with the administrative responsibilities of running an office. An able veterinary assistant must be comfortable around animals, whether they are injured, sick or aggressive. They should also be able to deal with animal owners in an efficient manner.

A career as a veterinary assistant can be a challenging and demanding one as dealing with animals can be an emotionally and physically draining job. However it is also a very fulfilling job opportunity and for those that are really interested in furthering their career in animal care, being a veterinary assistant can give valuable insight and experience in handling different kinds of animals.

It is important to remember that veterinary care does not extend to dogs and cats alone. Today, a number of non-conventional pets have also become popular, such as lizards and snakes. Veterinary assistants must learn how to handle these kinds of animals as well as farm animals such as cattle and poultry. There may even be instances where vets will have to look in on a wild animal and in such cases a veterinary assistant should be equipped to handle the situation.

Courses that teach students to become veterinary assistants will cover subjects such as personal hygiene and safety as well as how to keep the working environment clean and sterile. Students will learn about handling and restraining animals, initial examination procedures, identifying injuries, identifying possible signs of abuse, nutrition, diseases and illnesses. They will also learn about vaccinations, performing simple surgeries, diets and follow-up procedures with the animal's owners. Graduates can find employment in a number of places like animal shelters and sanctuaries, zoos or veterinary hospitals.

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