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Canada Visual Art and Design Career College Programs

Visual Art and Design trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.

Visual Art and Design

Visual art and design is an industry that has experienced incredible growth and development with the advent of the electronic age. As new techniques and tools were made available to create art, the boundaries as to what could be achieved were pushed and a whole new era of visual art and design was born. Today, there are a wide range of media that use visual art and design like websites and video games. Understanding the wide scope of opportunities that are available to visual art and design professionals is the first step in building a successful career.

Needless to say, the visual art and design field is extremely demanding with a number of professionals entering each year, hoping to make a mark. Still, the employment opportunities are enormous and graduates can find exciting job openings or opt for higher studies and specialize before embarking on their career. Programs that are geared towards teaching visual art and design will teach students the fundamentals of art, design and the latest technology and how it is used in designing today.

Students learn the basics of art theory and styles as well as art history. They will also study techniques and theories related to design and different schools of design. Students also learn about color theories and the fundamentals of drawing, including realistic and creative drawing, shading, edges and perspectives. They also learn about drawing studio subjects with an eye towards scale, proximity and proportion. At this stage, students will learn about depicting realism and illusion.

These programs also teach students about creating and using a color wheel, mixing paints and using different types of media to create a work of art. They will also learn about the history of art with special emphasis being placed on the work of regional artists.

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