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Canada Workplace Safety and WHMIS Career College Programs

Workplace Safety and WHMIS trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.

Workplace Safety and WHMIS

The importance of workplace safety has grown in recent times as workers, industries have begun to handle more products and chemicals that can be harmful, and sometimes lethal if handled improperly. It is the responsibility of every employer and employee to undergo training in workplace safety and WHMIS to avoid accidents that may take place while working.

WHMIS refers to Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System and consists of a two-part training program. Workers are first given a general introduction to hazardous substances and then they learn about the hazards that controlled substances can cause. Workplace and WHMIS courses offer training and education as to how to handle dangerous substances as well as emergency procedures to be followed in case an accident occurs.

Under Canadian law, it is the duty of every employer to have a workplace safety and WHMIS program. This includes classes and seminars on hazardous substances and how they should be treated, labels and data sheets, safety procedures and training in dealing with hazardous materials. This training should be detailed and specific- for example, if procedure calls for workers to put on respiratory masks, they must know not only how to put one on, but also where they are located on the premises and how to dispatch them. Workers will also be trained on the use, treatment and disposal of harmful substances. Workplace safety also involves training in basic first aid and CPR, fire drill exercises and evacuation procedures. A complete workplace and WHMIS course will equip an office to deal with any accident or issue that may arise on the premises. These programs are available at a number of industrial training units, community centers and private colleges as well. It is mandatory that employees be trained in all aspects of workplace safety and WHMIS.

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