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Redhouse College of Animation

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The course in Classical Animation is a three year program where students are able to create their own films by the end of the third year. Students are taught traditional animation skills by making them familiar with the techniques of animated movements, film language, visual design, and story configuration. On completing this program students are able to create and bring to life their own stories.

Students on completion of the Classical Animation program are prepared to work in the animation industry as they gain knowledge of production techniques, studio practices and develop professionalism during the program.

The course on Computer Animation is designed to meet the demands of the industry. Students are not only taught software skills but are also taught important thinking skills which help them not only at school but also at their workplace. The curriculum at the college combines course contents with process.

Today technology is continuously advancing at a rapid pace and students are given the basic skills to be able to update them selves at every step. They are taught concepts and methods that help them in using and expressing their acquired knowledge in the animation field.

A one year Computer Animation program is also offered at the Red House School of Animation that helps to develop the technological aspects as well as the production skills of students. However if a student is interested in working in the feature film or television animation industry then it is recommended that he joins the three year course.

Whether the animation is hand drawn or created with the help of computers or is Stop Motion or Flash animation it requires a basic understanding of traditional techniques. Studios such as Pixar, Disney, SKG, and DreamWorks prefer animators with knowledge of the traditional animation techniques and this too is taught at this school. Students who have graduated from the Red House School of Animation have received placements at animation industries all over the country.

  • Classical Animation
  • Computer Animation
  • Computer Animation: 1 Year Option

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  • Animation and Game Design
  • General Computing

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    1. Redhouse College of Animation

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