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School of Welders

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School of Welders is an approved private career college that offers quality programs in the field of welding. The institution is registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education. The institution is located in a modern facility that is equipped with the latest equipment as well as technology in the field. The institution ensures that the curriculum is updated frequently and students train in skills that are currently in demand. The institution has hired qualified and experienced instructors. The instructors are professionals with many years of experience. They use theory as well as practical training techniques to ensure that the students learn the tricks of the trade that will help them face their work environments with confidence.

School of Welders offers a Welder - Combination certificate program. This program teaches students about mig-tig-stic welding. The program has duration of 9 weeks and comprises of 325 hours of training. The program tuition charges amount to about $8,125, with another $450 as Miscellaneous Fees and about $85 for books. Students are trained in the Gas Metal Arc Welding or Mig welding procedures, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding or TIG welding procedures as well as in Shielded Metal Arc Welding or Stick Welding procedures. Stick welding is the most commonly utilized process and the equipment used is relatively inexpensive. TIG welding procedures are utilized by those who desire high quality, precision welding. This procedure is free of spatters and has low distortions. MIG welding is a high deposition rate welding process.

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