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Profile of TLC Edmonton-Training for Live-in Caregivers

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TLC Edmonton-Training for Live-in Caregivers

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The Canadian Live-in Caregiver Program by TLC Edmonton is a popular way to migrate to Canada. The concept of a Live-in Caregiver Program is pretty simple but the real details and the procedure for successfully completing the Canadian Live-in Caregiver Program is pretty complex. Live-in Caregivers usually look after the elderly population, children, and/or people with handicaps.

TLC Edmonton is a small, private school providing training courses for live-in caregivers who are willing to work in Canada. The college focuses on preparing its students for all facets of the role. The classes are held in small batches and customized to individual needs of the students. The course is a full time course of about six months. The courses are certified by the government. Once you complete the course, you will be eligible for working as a nanny or a caregiver to an elderly or disabled individual.

TLC Edmonton supports you in all the stages of immigrating to Canada, living, and working. The college also helps in preparing employment contracts that defend both your future employer as well as you. The course instruction includes both theory as well practical, hands-on practice. You learn with the help of audio-visuals, lectures, textbooks, projects as well as classroom discussions. The students are assessed all throughout the course and once they complete the course successfully, they are given a diploma.

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  1. TLC Edmonton-Training for Live-in Caregivers

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