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Vancouver Art Therapy Institute

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Founded in 1982 as a non-profit society and charitable organization, the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute is today accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency of British Columbia (PCTIA). It was accredited in 1998. It aims at training art therapists at the graduate level. It also provides therapy as a service. The college feels the need to inform the community about the effectiveness of art therapy as a professional procedure of treatment. The training courses follow the guiding principle as established by the Canadian, British Columbia and American Art Therapy Associations.

The Vancouver Art Therapy Institute upholds a psychodynamic method to art therapy, which acknowledges that unconscious inspiration and human behavior are mainly determined by past and present experience. Art therapy assists free expression through visual communication. Once your inherent feelings move from the unconscious mind to conscious expression, you gain insight. Art therapy is instrumental in helping you to heal and resolve conflict.

The Vancouver Art Therapy Institute focuses on training professionals with the help of real life experiences. The courses enables the students to gain a personal perspective of the communicative process and thus develop the preferred objectivity in them, that is required when they are dynamically engaged as art therapists. The students gain acquaintance with a wide selection of client groups through practical experiences. The students are taught to assimilate both experiential and academic understanding of art therapy and the contribution it can make to emotional health.

Key School Links
  • Admissons Information

  • Adolescent Art Therapy - Art Therapy Diploma
  • Art Therapy Readings - Art Therapy Diploma
  • Art Therapy Skills - Art Therapy Diploma
  • Art Therapy Studio - Art Therapy Diploma
  • Art Therapy with Special Populations - Art Therapy Diploma
  • Assessment  - Art Therapy Diploma
  • Case Studies - Art Therapy Diploma
  • Child Art Therapy - Art Therapy Diploma
  • Ethics - Art Therapy Diploma
  • Family Art Therapy - Art Therapy Diploma
  • Final Project  - Art Therapy Diploma
  • Group Art Therapy - Art Therapy Diploma
  • Master of Counselling
  • Multiculturalism - Art Therapy Diploma
  • Theories of Personality and Consciousness - Art Therapy Diploma

    Program Keywords:
  • Art Therapy
  • Child and Youth Care
  • Counselling
  • General Art
  • General Therapy

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    1. Vancouver Art Therapy Institute

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