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Christian Higher Education in Canada

For young Christian students who have just completed high school, the thought of going on to college can be an overwhelming affair. Not only do they have to deal with the rigors of studying in a new set up, many young students also face the additional strain of finding a college that will help them grow spiritually. Some might worry that academics might not be given serious consideration in spiritually-inclined colleges. Others might feel a need to serve the Lord and the community but have no idea if that is a viable career option.

For students who feel that academics and spirituality are both equally important, there are a number of Christian colleges that offer high-quality academic training as well as worthy spiritual guidance. These institutions are located all across the country and help students grow both spiritually and academically. At this crucial juncture in every young person's life, these colleges also help them make life’s decisions which are spiritually sound and suited to their skills and talents.

Christian colleges offer a number of bachelor degree programs, certificate courses and diplomas in a number of subjects such as theology, Christian studies, youth ministry and religious studies. Other subjects such as business administration, psychology and management courses are also available. Most of these programs are taught from a Christian perspective; to ensure that every student learns how to incorporate the Lord and His word into every aspect of their life.

These colleges pride themselves in offering a number of activities which are specially designed to promote Christian fellowship and strengthen the bonds within the community. These include regular chapel services and community groups that help students discuss their problems and help deal with stress through prayer. Retreats are held on a regular basis to help students get in touch with their spirituality. Prayer days are also held, usually once a semester, where students spend the day engaged in prayer and worship. Mission work and community service are also encouraged as ways of serving both the Lord and the community. Young Christian students can find a number of good colleges right across Canada that will cater to their spiritual and academic needs.

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