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Licensed/ Unlicensed Mortgage Assistant - First Foundation Residential Mortgages

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Organization: First Foundation Residential Mortgages
Job Title:Licensed/ Unlicensed Mortgage Assistant
Salary:$17.30-$22 per hour, based on qualifications
Category:Real Estate and Mortgage
Deadline: 1/1/2012: Expired
Location:Edmonton, Alberta


About First Foundation

First Foundation is a young, exciting company in a rapidly-changing market. The mortgage industry in Canada has exploded with opportunity and independent brokerages are well-positioned to continue to capture market share over the coming years. In 2009 First Foundation was a finalist in for the top customer service award in Canada, and in 2010 First Foundation is a finalist for the "Top Internet Presence" and "Best Newcomer - Individual" awards. In 2009 First Foundation arranged over $74 million in financing and insurance for Alberta home owners, and it's founder Gordon McCallum has twice been named to the Top 50 Brokers list in Canada.

First Foundation is especially well positioned for growth as a company with a young, well trained, personable staff that constantly gets positive feedback from its clients and lenders. As a company with a strong reputation to uphold, the winning candidate will be called upon to maintain and contribute to the company's success and image in the community.

We want someone who can have fun while dealing with pressure. The mortgage industry is very fast-paced, hectic at times, demanding, and can be pressure-packed. We want to work with people who can handle that and keep a smile on their face, get along with their co-workers, and fit into our culture. We don't want prima-donnas, grumpy people, or people who take themselves too seriously. At the same time, you need to be able to get serious when it comes to your work, be honest and professional at all times, and always put the clients first. We strive for a team atmosphere and lone rangers typically don't fit in here.

You can learn more about First Foundation by visiting

Opportunity Summary

First Foundation Residential Mortgages, a leading independent mortgage brokerage based in Edmonton, Alberta, is seeking a great person to join our team.

Specifically, we are hiring one person to join our rapidly growing company in the position of a "Licensed / Unlicensed Mortgage Assistant".

Experience and Qualifications

Role and Responsibilities

As a Mortgage Assistant you will be involved in one of the most exciting times in our customers' lives - the purchase of a home. You will also be responsible for assisting the arrangement of the largest financial transaction most of them will ever experience. You will also be part of a high performance team that is committed to saving people time, money, and grief.

This role’s main function is to assist our team of Licensed Mortgage Associates with the duties and responsibilities that ensures our clients receive the best service possible. Such tasks include, but are not limited to:

-Obtaining, organizing and compiling information pertaining to client application
-Answering and directing calls, emails and faxes to employees of the brokerage
-Researching underwriting information for associates to review
-Preparing client packages and promotional information for broker or associate
-Scheduling client appointments for associates

As a Mortgage Assistant at First Foundation you will be a full-time employee working in a professional office environment surrounded by other professionals. You will be in a position to work with clients in person at our office, over the phone, over email and the web. Your working hours will be Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm or 9am-5pm.

Unlike most Mortgage Brokerages, First Foundation doesn't believe that its staff or its clients are best served by a mobile workforce design. For that reason, the position of Mortgage Assistant is a full-time hourly position with the potential for advancement into a Licensed Mortgage Associate role.

Candidate Profile

We're looking for just the right person to join our team. Because our team places a high priority on working well together as a group, we want nice people that we get along with. We want to work with people who enjoy life, have a pleasant demeanor, and a smile on their face.

This position is best suited to people who are:

-Honest and ethical
-Able to work at a quick pace, under pressure, with a smile
-Very detail oriented and organized
-Excellent multitasking ability
-Consistent, reliable performers
-Very good written and verbal communicators
-Highly organized and efficient
-Great typists
-Great on a computer
-Helpful in nature
-Interested in a career in financial services

If you are a grumpy person, don't like people, can't meet deadlines, are kind of shady, make lots of mistakes or are stuck in your ways, you're not a good fit here at First Foundation.

Skills and Experience Required

-Some post-secondary education required
-Professional grammar and spelling are a must. Credit will be given to second language skills.
-Strong typing skills are a must
-Personalities with a sales aptitude will be given additional consideration for a Licensed Associate role, but it is not a requirement
-Functional computer skills are a must - the ability to use our systems which are primarily web-based is key. Other computer skills like Word / Excel, Adobe PDF, database and other skill are an asset
-Office experience is an asset.
-Banking or insurance industry experience is a definite asset.
-Preference will be given to candidates who have completed and passed the provincial Mortgage Associate's Program
-Preference will be given to candidates with other professional designations, like a Life Insurance license, CFP, etc.
-Additional consideration will be given to those with above average internet / social media skills and writing ability

Standard Benefits All Employees Enjoy

-A fully equipped, professional office environment
-A laptop and two computer screens to enhance your productivity
-Ongoing sales, networking and mortgage training and education
-Proven systems to manage your success
-Free long distance calling
-A well respected brand that you can be proud of
-A dominant online presence in our chosen markets
-A central office location in the trendy Old Strathcona district making it easy to get to from all over Edmonton and area – not to mention fun!
-A great team of people to work with and learn from

Compensation and Benefits

Hourly Wage: $17.30 - $22 per hour, based on qualifications

Vacation: 2 weeks annually after 1 year, 3 weeks after 2 years.

Benefits: Membership in the Chamber of Commerce group including health, dental etc.

Probationary period: 3-6 months

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