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Blockbuster Canada

Organization:Blockbuster Canada
Category: Business and Professional Services - Retailers
Entertainment and Media - Films
Entertainment and Media - Games
Entertainment and Media - Video
# of Employees:
Web Site URL: - franšais
Career URL:Employment at Blockbuster Canada
Location(s): Ontario, Etobicoke

Description of Blockbuster Canada

Blockbuster is the world's largest retailer of rentable videos, DVDs and video games. The company operates some 8,500 stores worldwide (including Franchise operations) in 28 different countries, handling over one million transactions per day. Originally established in 1985, Blockbuster is one of the world's largest entertainment companies. The business operations are divided into 2 regions - North America (USA and Canada) based in Dallas, and International (11 corporate markets and 12 Franchises) managed from Uxbridge in the UK, which is also the headquarters of Blockbuster UK.

Blockbuster Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of Blockbuster Inc. Operating over 440 stores in 10 provinces across Canada, Blockbuster is the leading rental retailer in the country providing in-home movie and game entertainment. The company may be accessed at

Job Postings at Blockbuster Canada

None at this time. Visit their website for more current job listings and career information.

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