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Organization:Cameco Corporation
Category: Energy, Metals and Mining - Electricity
Energy, Metals and Mining - Metals
Energy, Metals and Mining - Nuclear
# of Employees:425
Web Site URL:
Career URL:Employment at Cameco Corporation
Location(s): Ontario, Port Hope
Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Description of Cameco Corporation

Cameco's Port Hope facility converts refined uranium to new chemical forms needed to produce fuel for electricity generation. The plant uses separate processes to produce natural uranium dioxide (UO2) to fuel Canadian designed Candu reactors and uranium hexafluoride (UF6) to feed enrichment plants in the US and Europe that produce fuel for light water reactors. Port Hope is also the base for Cameco's technology development group, which is engaged in research to maintain Cameco's position as a leading supplier of uranium concentrates, refining and conversion services.

Job Postings at Cameco Corporation

None at this time. Visit their website for more current job listings and career information.

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