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Organization:Cowater International Inc.
Category: Business and Professional Services - Manufacturer
Business and Professional Services - Planning
Business and Professional Services - Project Management
Science and Technology - Engineering
# of Employees:
Web Site URL:
Career URL:Employment at Cowater International Inc.
Location(s): Ontario, Ottawa

Description of Cowater International Inc.

Cowater Alaska Inc. (CWA), a subsidiary of Cowater International Inc. of Ottawa, is a small company with its head office in Anchorage, Alaska, which has been active in the state since 1989 and was officially incorporated in 1992. The company specializes in providing engineering consulting services in water and sanitation and other infrastructure projects to Alaska’s numerous remote rural villages. The company does design, planning, construction supervision and project management on these projects. Cowater International is a Canadian international consulting firm that has been active in international development for over 23 years. Additional information on CWA and Cowater International can be found at and

CWA is the developer and owner of the patented, proprietary Flush Tank and Haul® System, a unique technology which provides running water and flush toilets. Cowater Alaska designs, manufactures and installs this system in remote, rural villages. The objective with the Flush Tank and Haul® System is to help Alaskans to 'put the honeybucket in the museum'. The Flush Tank and Haul® System has now been installed in over 800 homes and businesses in approximately fifteen communities in Alaska.

The overall objective for CWA is to grow the Flush Tank and Haul® System business while diversifying to take advantage of the many other opportunities available in Alaska. The company has a good start to this end.

Job Postings at Cowater International Inc.

None at this time. Visit their website for more current job listings and career information.

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