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Category: Computers and Internet - Computers
Computers and Internet - Internet
Education - Teaching
People, Groups and Society - Seniors
# of Employees:2
Web Site URL:
Career URL:Employment at Cyber-Seniors
Location(s): Ontario, Toronto

Description of Cyber-Seniors

Cyber-Seniors is a new program being offered in Retirement Home Communities around the GTA. The program provides training in the use of computers and internet communication for senior citizens. The Program provides a secure setting for seniors to learn how to use the computer and Internet. The goal of the program is to provide social interaction and cognitive stimulation in a fun, exciting environment, by experts in the field of computer communication teenagers!! Your residents will be able to experience the joy of opening a mail-box where letters from family and friends await. This is a truly rewarding experience for both, yourself, and your loved one.

Job Postings at Cyber-Seniors

None at this time. Visit their website for more current job listings and career information.

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