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Engineering Seismology Group (ESG) Jobs and Careers

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Engineering Seismology Group (ESG)

Organization:Engineering Seismology Group (ESG)
Category: Science and Technology - Civil Engineering
Science and Technology - Engineering
Science and Technology - Geophysics
Science and Technology - Seismic
# of Employees:30
Web Site URL:
Career URL:Employment at Engineering Seismology Group (ESG)
Location(s): Ontario, Kingston

Description of Engineering Seismology Group (ESG)

Incorporated in 1993 and certified to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards, Engineering Seismology Group (ESG or the 'Company') is a technology based company that produces passive seismic monitoring equipment and supplies associated services worldwide. ESG designs and manufactures proprietary vibration sensors, electronic data acquisition systems and has the specialized software and staff necessary to analyze complex seismic data. Additionally, ESG produces broadband seismic recording instruments for civil engineering and geophysical and laboratory applications. ESG's customer base includes mining, petroleum and geo-technical companies that monitor and analyze micro-earthquakes as a result of industrial operations.

Job Postings at Engineering Seismology Group (ESG)

None at this time. Visit their website for more current job listings and career information.

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