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Great Northern Insulation Jobs and Careers

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Organization:Great Northern Insulation
Category: Business and Professional Services - Contractors
Construction and Trades - Insulation
# of Employees:160
Web Site URL:
Career URL:Employment at Great Northern Insulation
Location(s): Ontario, Woodstock

Description of Great Northern Insulation

In 1980, Great Northern Insulation began serving Southern Ontario offering spray foam insulation, blown-in attic insulation, and sprayed-in-place acoustic and fireproofing fibres. Today, Great Northern Insulation has grown to serve all of Ontario providing an even wider variety of insulation and weatherization services.

Five locations throughout Ontario; over 160 fulltime employees; 8 field superintendents providing pre and post-inspection services; certified thermographic services; trained blower-door technicians; forensic building science capabilities; EnergyStar trained sales staff; D' and AZ' licensed professional truck drivers; manufacturer trained and certified installers; dedicated Customer Care department.

While anyone can simply install insulation, we firmly stand by the statement that "There is more to insulating than just adding insulation." When selecting an insulation contractor, evaluate your options based on their experience, product expertise, customer service and workmanship.

Job Postings at Great Northern Insulation

None at this time. Visit their website for more current job listings and career information.

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