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Law School Program at University of Victoria: Victoria, BC

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University of Victoria Law Program


University of Victoria - Faculty of Law
Faculty of Law, University of Victoria, Murray and Anne Fraser Building, Room 102
Faculty of Law, University of Victoria, PO Box 2400, STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 3H7, Canada

Tel: 250-721-8151
Fax: 250-721-6390

Established in 1974, the Faculty of Law at the University of Victoria in British Columbia has acquired a reputation as one Canada's best law schools, and is consistently ranked as such by esteemed publications like Canadian Lawyer. In fact, in 1996 an external review of the Faculty by the Review Committee concluded that graduates 'clearly enjoy an excellent reputation in the British Columbia legal community and the school as a whole is highly regarded by both the Canadian academic and practicing profession.'

The Faculty is particular well known for its innovative programs which have made several major contributions to the research and study of law including the currently discontinued Akitsiraq Law School, Legal History Collection Project, and Solicitor's Practice Clinic. Today, the Faculty is involved with numerous novel approaches to legal studies including Asia-Pacific Initiatives, Cooperative Legal Education, Indigenous Initiatives, and International Intellectual Property Law Summer Institute.

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