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Canadian MBA Admission Interviews

The MBA application in Canada in some schools will require the applicant to undergo an interview.

Required Interviews

Once applications are processed, some schools will require that applicants who are being considered for admission to undergo an interview conducted by school officials; some schools that do not require such an interview may reserve the right to request one at their discretion. These interviews will usually ask the applicant about his/her education, career/work experience and history, decision to further his/her education, career goals and how an MBA will help to achieve them, and the potential contribution the applicant can make to the class, program, or field he/she plans to enter. If an applicant is called for an interview it means he/she is being considered for admission and, thus, it will be his/her final opportunity to make a lasting impression on those responsible for the final decision on who is admitted to the school.

MBA Application Process in Canada

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