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Male/Female Ratio of MBA Students in Canada

Gender breakdown of students attending an MBA school in Canada.

What is the gender breakdown/ratio of students studying at an MBA School in Canada?

On average, the student bodies of MBA schools in Canada are 64% males and 36% females. Only the University of New Brunswick at Saint John reports an evenly split sex ratio; the rest of the MBA schools have more males than females. Moreover, the schools perceived to be in the upper echelons of business education tending to have the highest concentration of males. For example, the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, Queen's University, and Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario each possess ratios of 75% males and 25% females.

Carleton University60%-40% Men-Women
Concordia University54%-46% Men-Women
Dalhousie University60-40% Men-Women
HEC Montreal70%-30% Men-Women
Vancouver Island University55%-45% Men-Women
McGill University70-30% Men-Women
McMaster University63-37% Men-Women
Memorial University of Newfoundland52-48% Men-Women
Queen's University75-25% Men-Women
Royal Military College60%-40% Men-Women
University of British Columbia63%-37% Men-Women
University of Lethbridge60%-40% Men-Women
University of New Brunswick-Saint John50-%50% Men-Women
University of Ottawa63%-37% Men-Women
University of Regina62%-38% Men-Women
University of Toronto75%-25% Men-Women
University of Western Ontario60%-40% Men-Women
University of Windsor60%-40% Men-Women
Wilfrid Laurier University60%-40% Men-Women

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