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Canadian MBA Class Sizes

Average class size for MBA Schools in Canada.

What is the average class size for MBA Schools in Canada?

The average number of students per MBA class in Canada is 41-60 students ranging from a low of about 5 to a high of approximately 240. In general, perhaps not surprisingly, the larger schools possess the greater concentration, on average, of students per class. For example, Queen's University, University of Toronto, and University of Western Ontario, which are among the traditional elite business schools in Canada, average 64-114 students per class, ranging from a low of 60 to a high of 240. However, there is no conclusive answer as to what accounts for a school's size. Some, for instance, may argue that more students are drawn to schools that they believe, rightly or not, offer more opportunities, both academically and career-wise, and/or have a tradition of or reputation for high quality, if not the best, education.

Concordia University30
Dalhousie University30
HEC Montreal31
McGill University150
Memorial University of Newfoundland10-40
Queen's University61
Royal Military CollegeClass for core courses average 20-25 students; classes for elective courses average 8-10 students
Ryerson UniversityThe classes will be small, facilitating a dynamic interactive learning environment.
University of Alberta43
University of British Columbia100-150
University of New Brunswick-Fredericton10-25 students in elective courses; 30-45 students in core courses.

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