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PhD in Business Administration - University of Alberta

School of Business

The University of Alberta's School of Business offers a PhD Business Administration program whose primary purpose is to create future educators and researches who can create, advance, and impart knowledge in one or more of the areas in which the School specializes, namely Accounting, Finance, Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations, Management Science, Marketing, and Organizational Analysis. For each student, his or her field of interest will largely determine the exact structure of the Program. However, every student will major in one of the aforementioned areas in which the School specializes along with minoring in both research methodology and either in a field that complements the chosen major or that is from a functional area of business. Additionally, every student must 'have university teaching experience' prior to graduating from the Program. Therefore, students who do not have previous teaching experience and 'who are not funded by the Faculty of Business will be expected to engage in supervised teaching in one course in their major field, for which they will receive remuneration' while 'students who receive financial assistance throughout their programs are expected to teach a total of two courses over the duration of the entire program, without remuneration beyond normal funding.' The School expects students to complete their respect degrees in 4 to 5 years of full-time study and the minimum residency requirement for candidates is 2 academic years.

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