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Joint Degree in MBA/Master of Engineering - University of Alberta

School of Business

Offered jointly by the University of Alberta's School of Business and Faculty of Engineering, the combined Master of Business Administration/Master of Engineering (MBA/MEng) degree is a flexible yet rigorous program that may be completed within 2 years on a full-time basis or 6 years on a part-time schedule. The Program is primarily geared towards individuals who possess an undergraduate degree in Engineering who want to combine advanced studies in Engineering, or one of its sub-fields, with an education in Business Administration and Management. As a focal point of the Program, students will develop their initiative, leadership, and teamwork abilities that will enable them 'to synthesize complex and sometimes divergent points of view into a cohesive, practical solution.' Additionally, students will have the opportunity to do four months of co-operative education during the Summer which will enable them to not only gain real-world work experience but also fulfill 'part of their MBA elective course requirements' To complete the Program, students must successfully complete a major project in Engineering 'and a business strategy course.'

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