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UW hosts federal-provincial conference

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December 5, 2005

Source: University of Waterloo:

UW hosts federal-provincial conference

WATERLOO, Ont., Dec. 5 - About 320 Waterloo Region high school students will participate in the annual Federal-Provincial Conference Simulation at the University of Waterloo on Tuesday, Dec. 6 and Wednesday, Dec. 7.

Sponsored by UW's Department of Political Science and the local History Heads Association, the simulation has been an annual event at UW for more than 30 years. This year, delegations from 15 regional schools will participate in the event.

The role of Canada's Prime Minister will be handled by Jordan Schmidt of Elmira District Secondary School. Other students from this school will serve as federal ministers. Students from other schools in the region will have responsibilities to chair meetings of provincial and territorial ministers.

Besides First Ministers meetings, ministerial delegations will participate in committees dwelling on Finance, Health Care, Immigration, Agriculture, Environment/Natural resources, and Economic development

Two schools - Waterloo-Oxford District Secondary School and Preston High School - will produce newspapers during the conference to provide information and promote debate over the two days. One of the schools will be the recipient of The Record's Federal-Provincial Conference Press Award.

The John Boulden Award, named after one of the founders of the simulation, will be presented to one of the student First Ministers on the basis of a vote by all conference participants. In addition, the Derksen Award will be awarded for best website.

Working sessions will be held in several rooms in the Arts Lecture Hall, Hagey Hall and the Modern Languages Building on Tuesday and Wednesday. The concluding plenary session will be held in the Theatre of the Arts, Modern Languages building, on Wednesday, from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m.

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Release no. 270 - December 5, 2005



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