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Remembering John Lennon

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December 7, 2005

Source: University of Western Ontario:

Remembering John Lennon

London, ON - The following contact at The University of Western Ontario can provide comment on the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's death. Note to broadcasters: Western can arrange live broadcast interviews. Please call (519) 661-2111 ext. 85165 for more information.

  • Paul Barker is a social science professor at Brescia University College at The University of Western Ontario and a devoted Beatles aficionado. He can be reached at (519) 432-8353 ext. 278 (office), (519) 471-9420 (home) or

    "A quarter of a century ago, John Lennon lost his life in New York City. But he and his music live on. His songs, written mostly with Paul McCartney, remain with us still because they represent some of the best music of the 20th century. There are few who are unfamiliar with 'A Hard Day's Night,' 'In My Life,' 'Help' or 'Strawberry Fields Forever' - all songs which Lennon took the lead in writing. The lyrics of the songs captivated us, and so did the melodies. Then there was the voice. Lennon himself disliked his voice, so much so that he urged George Martin, the Beatles producer, to cover it in echo. But most felt otherwise.

    There is the also the person who stays with us. Who can forget him at the Beatles first press conference upon arriving in New York City. 'John, will you play for us?' 'No, we must be paid first.' Or in the movie 'A Hard Day's Night' when asked how he found America: 'turn left at Greenland.' His irreverence, his unwillingness to take anyone too seriously - including himself and his group - made him instantly attractive. His cleverness also made us pay attention, and so did his idealism, which Lennon sometimes tried to hide in a cynical demeanor. But we knew better. He cared."

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    Media contact: Christine Roulston, Communications & Public Affairs, The University of Western Ontario, (519) 661-2111 ext. 85165.

    Commentary reflects the perspective and scholarly interest of Western faculty members and is not an articulation of official university policy on issues being addressed.

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