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Decline of World’s Estuaries and Coastal Seas Has Accelerated in Last 150-300 Years
Dalhousie University | June 22, 2006
Human activity over the centuries has depleted 90% of marine species, eliminated 65% of seagrass and wetland habitat, degraded water quality 10-1,000 fold, and accelerated species invasions in 12 major estuaries and coastal seas around the world, according to a study published in Science Magazine on Friday, June 23d, and supported in part by the Lenfest Ocean Program....[continue]

Social sciences scholars celebrate convocation
McMaster University | June 8, 2006
Bob Rae and Pat Quinn to receive honorary degrees...[continue]

New UW centre researches Canada's physical infrastructure
University of Waterloo | October 28, 2005
With Canada's federal, provincial and municipal governments facing massive spending needs on physical infrastructure, such as roads, bridges and airports, a newly established centre at the University of Waterloo seeks to provide the knowledge to make the best use of the strategic investment....[continue]



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