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Dr. Jason Levy awarded Brandon University's first Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council grant
Brandon University | November 7, 2006
Dr. Jason Levy, a researcher and professor in Brandon University's Applied Disaster and Emergency Studies department, has been awarded a Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada (NSERC) Strategic Project Grant, the first to be awarded to a Brandon University faculty member....[continue]

Scientist Awarded $180,000 Space Fellowship
St. Mary's University | October 18, 2006
The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) announced this morning that a Saint Mary’s University professor has received a Fellowship in Space Science....[continue]

'Champagne supernova' challenges understanding of how supernovae work
University of Toronto | September 20, 2006
A type Ia supernova breaks Chandrasekhar limit, astronomy's 'standard candles' suddenly variable...[continue]

UBC-Led Team Uncovers Faintest Stars Ever Seen in Ancient Star Cluster
University of British Columbia | August 17, 2006
An international team of astronomers led by UBC professor Harvey Richer has uncovered the faintest stars ever seen in any globular star cluster, bringing scientists closer to revealing the formation time of one of the earliest generations of stars in the Universe....[continue]

TWU student represents Canada as Weed Science Award recipient
Trinity Western University | August 1, 2006
Kathleen Campbell, fourth year honours biology student from Trinity Western University, was recently awarded the $1,000 Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) Undergraduate Award for her research on a local weed called the golden crown-beard....[continue]

Astronomers discover Universe's 'smoking gun'
McMaster University | June 8, 2006
Massive star supernovae have been major "dust factories" ever since the first generations of stars formed several hundred million years after the Big Bang, according to an international study published in Science Express today....[continue]

UPEI Physics Students to Work in World-Class Research Labs
University of Prince Edward Island | April 12, 2006
This summer, seven of UPEI’s thirty physics majors are heading to British Columbia to take job placements in two high-profile research labs....[continue]

TWU announces its third university president today
Trinity Western University | March 17, 2006
Following a unanimous vote, the Trinity Western University Board of Governors is pleased to announce today the naming of Jonathan S. Raymond, PhD, as the third president of Trinity Western University, the Christian liberal arts university in Langley B.C....[continue]

Cressy Awards recognize outstanding students
University of Toronto | March 9, 2006
171 students recognized for their work outside the classroom...[continue]

Hawaiian culture focus of lecture at Memorial University
Memorial University of Newfoundland | March 1, 2006
Memorial University has turned to one of its own for its next segment of the Music, Media and Culture public lecture series....[continue]

UNBF Kinesiology Dean Lauds Future Healthy Living Village Plans
University of New Brunswick - Saint John | November 24, 2005
It was an innocent drive through campus over two decades ago, a drive that would alter Terry Haggerty’s life in many ways....[continue]

Was Einstein's 'biggest blunder' a stellar success?
University of Toronto | November 22, 2005
New study links physicist’s cosmological constant to mysterious dark energy...[continue]

Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics celebrates centenaryMilestone anniversary marks 100 years young
University of Toronto | November 14, 2005
Considering the universe's 13.5-billion-year-old history, 100 years of astronomy and astrophysics may seem insignificant. Still, in a century, U of T researchers have packed in a constellation of stellar achievements....[continue]

Forensic science expert to speak at Laurentian University
Laurentian University of Sudbury | November 10, 2005
Dr. George Carmody, a widely recognized expert in population genetics, will be at Laurentian University to present a lecture entitled "Identification of Humans Using DNA" on Thursday, November 17, at 8 p.m., in room C-304 of the Classroom Building....[continue]

UBC Gains Global Brains With New Federal Research Positions
University of British Columbia | November 10, 2005
University of British Columbia research will be expanded to include studies of plant chemicals that influence brain function, the future of copyright and other areas with the appointment today of eight researchers who have been named as new Canada Research Chairs (CRC)....[continue]

We need you
St. Mary's University | October 24, 2005
It is hard to believe, but a growing number of North American students and grads are steering away from the tech-sector....[continue]

Comprehensive Study Shows Evidence of Major Declines in Political Violence Worldwide
University of British Columbia | October 17, 2005
Comprehensive Three-Year Study Shows Surprising Evidence of Major Declines in Armed Conflicts, Genocides, Human Rights Abuse, Military Coups and International Crises, Worldwide....[continue]

Maori scholar to speak on Indigenous Peoples in New Zealand
Laurentian University of Sudbury | October 17, 2005
Ms. Taima Moeke-Pickering, a Maori of the Ngati Pukeko and Tuhoe Tribes in New Zealand, will be a guest of Laurentian University's Native Human Services Program until October 23....[continue]

Recipients announced for the 24th annual Memorial Alumni Tribute Awards
Memorial University of Newfoundland | September 13, 2005
Four outstanding alumni of Memorial University of Newfoundland will be recognized for their achievements at the 24th Annual Alumni Tribute Awards being held on Thurs., Oct. 20, 2005....[continue]

The Amazing Race back to University
Trinity Western University | September 6, 2005
Decked out in their legendary blue or red Hawaiian shirts, Trinity Western University's 45 student life staff and 72 student leaders are welcoming and familiarizing the 700 first-year and transfer students to the University during TWU's annual Orientation Week....[continue]

Education heavyweights to gather at U of T for first time
University of Victoria | February 1, 2005
A minuscule, flexible mirror not much bigger than an eye pupil now being tested by University of Victoria engineers will one day help astronomers peer at distant galaxies and watch stars being born....[continue]



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