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2006 Distinguished Visitor combats violence against women
University of Windsor | October 11, 2006
The University of Windsor’s Distinguished Visitor in Women’s Studies program has selected feminist author, activist and visionary Lee Lakeman as its 2006 Distinguished Visitor in Women’s Studies....[continue]

Tibetan refugees face human rights abuses: Study
McMaster University | October 4, 2006
For 40 years, there has been a steady stream of Tibetans fleeing their homeland, seeking asylum in India and Nepal....[continue]

Benefactor empowers others through education
Ryerson University | August 10, 2006
Project Beyshick 2006, taking place August 12 to 18, aims to nurture prosperity and financial independence among First Nations communities....[continue]

Brandon University to give public presentations on rural development
Brandon University | June 23, 2006
As part of the International Comparative Rural Policy Studies (ICRPS) Summer School 2006 program being hosted by Brandon University’s Department of Rural Development and the Rural Development Institute (RDI) from June 24 to July 15, three talks examining various aspects of rural and regional development are open to the public....[continue]

Flags, food and fun kick off York University Multicultural Week
York University | January 26, 2006
Hundreds of colorful flags will be waving, feet will be dancing and the aroma of delicious foods from around the globe will be wafting over the campus as York University students celebrate the fourth annual Multicultural Week....[continue]

StFX Fall Convocation Awards 280 Degrees
St. Francis Xavier University | December 9, 2005
Three prominent social advocates honoured with Doctor of Laws...[continue]

Prof advocates for mountain portersWho carries the adventure trekking industry?
University of Toronto | November 25, 2005
Geographer Ken MacDonald’s research in the Karakoram mountains led him to establish Khurpa Care, an international non-profit organization aimed at improving working conditions for porters in the mountaineering and adventure tourism industries....[continue]

Comprehensive Study Shows Evidence of Major Declines in Political Violence Worldwide
University of British Columbia | October 17, 2005
Comprehensive Three-Year Study Shows Surprising Evidence of Major Declines in Armed Conflicts, Genocides, Human Rights Abuse, Military Coups and International Crises, Worldwide....[continue]



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