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Discussion Papers on Canadian Wheat Board Future Available on New U of S Website

November 20, 2006

Source: University of Saskatchewan

To aid in the current public debate over the future of the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB), a research team at the University of Saskatchewan has compiled a list of CWB-related materials at

"With all the discussion and debate surrounding the future of the Canadian Wheat Board, we felt it was necessary to create a site for interested individuals to find information on both sides of the CWB debate," said U of S agricultural economics professor Murray Fulton.

The website contains more than 1,400 pages of material on the CWB including:
- 23 papers, studies, or reports;
- five journal articles;
- links to the Charter Case, the CWB Act, the Choice Matters website, and the Real Voice for Choice website.

The intention is to provide an electronic copy and short summary of all documents. New items are added daily. Notable recent items include:
- a paper "The Canadian Wheat Board in an Open Market: The Impact of Removing the Single-Desk Selling Powers" released Nov. 14th by professor Fulton
- the Technical Task Force's report for the Federal Minister of Agriculture, "Marketing Choice - The Path Forward", released October 30th
- the CWB's "Harvesting Opportunity: Strengthening farmer's competitive advantage" report released in August

The website is an initiative of the U of S-led Adapting to New Environments: Agriculture and Rural Economies in the 21st Century project, one of 11 Knowledge Impact in Society (KIS) projects across Canada funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

Involving 23 researchers from the U of S and several community partners, the project aims to generate a dialogue with farmers, producer associations, rural residents, policy makers and the general public on the challenges facing the agriculture industry.

Suggestions for CWB-related information that should be listed on the site can be e-mailed to:


For more information, contact:

Kathy Lang
Department of Agricultural Economics
College of Agriculture
University of Saskatchewan
(306) 966-8419



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