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Caroline Andrew receives an Ontario Francophonie Award

November 21, 2006

Source: University of Ottawa

Caroline Andrew, a professor with the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ottawa, received the Ontario Francophonie Award (Francophile of the Year) from the government of Ontario during a special ceremony in Ottawa on November 20. The goal of these new awards from the government of Ontario is to honour people who have contributed significantly to advancing the French language and culture in Ontario.

As a committed and determined francophile, Caroline Andrew is admittedly one of the Francophonie figureheads in both Ottawa and Ontario. Her various activities include most notably her work with the City of Ottawa’s Working Group on Women’s Access to Municipal Services, as well as her leading role as vice-president of the City of Ottawa’s Advisory Committee on French-language Services. She is also a member of the board of directors of the Lowertown Community Resource Centre and the executive board of Inter Pares, a Canadian organization devoted to improving life for women in the Third World in the areas of health, education and political life.

Based on both her beliefs and her dedication, Ms. Andrew supports all social causes that deal with the well-being of francophones and especially of women, whose rights she tactfully and capably defends.

"The University of Ottawa is very privileged to be able to rely on a professor of Caroline Andrew’s calibre, particularly since she is an outstanding ambassador for the University of Ottawa in the area of bilingualism," points out Gilles Patry, President of the University. "For more than three decades, she has helped train numerous generations of political science students while carrying out scholarly activities in both official languages that have earned her the respect of her fellow researchers and research council officials."

Ms. Andrew began her university career in 1971, and she has spent the entire period at the University of Ottawa.



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