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Open source software: Not just for starving students anymore

November 22, 2006

Source: University of Regina

Open source software has come from the fringes of the information technology (IT) world to occupy a place at centre stage. What is new, and not so new, about open source software? Why should anyone seriously consider its adoption? Is Linux really more expensive than other solutions? Brad Henry, senior technical analyst for the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation at Casino Regina, will discuss these questions in his seminar, "Open Source Software: Not Just for Starving Students Anymore," on Fri., Nov. 24 from 12:10-12:50 p.m. in Room 623, Education Building, University of Regina. The talk is open to the public, and may be of particular interest to local IT professionals. Attendees are encouraged to bring their lunches.

Henry is experienced in leveraging open source software solutions in a variety of IT environments. He was a participant in the Google Summer of Code 2005 and 2006, a program that connects University students and organizations to develop open source projects. Henry is planning to teach a course (Computer Science 490) on open source software development, including work on an active project, through the Department of Computer Science and the Centre for Continuing Educationís Weekend University on Saturday afternoons beginning in January 2007. Programmers interested in this opportunity may contact the Computer Science Department at 585-4633 or Credit Studies at 585-5807 for more information.


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