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Science Seminar Series presents BU Applied Disaster and Emergency Studies prof Dr. Elaine Enarson

November 22, 2006

Source: Brandon University

On Tuesday, November 28 from 12:40 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., the Brandon University Science Seminar series will present a talk by Brandon University's Dr. Elaine Enarson, (Department of Applied Disaster and Emergency Studies), titled Gender and Disaster: What's the Connection? Dr. Enarson's talk will take place in room 3-42 of the Brodie Sciences Building and is free of charge. All are welcome!

Dr. Enarson's abstract for the talk is as follows:

>From a sociological point of view, natural disasters are as much social, economic, political and cultural events as they are "natural" or environmental. Like natural disasters, disastrous events precipitated by technological or human-induced hazards are also understood as indiscriminate or "equal opportunity" occurrences. In fact, case studies from the social vulnerability approach demonstrate that social structures, institutions and relationships have a profound impact on the human experience of disasters of all kinds. Race, ethnicity, social class, age and ability are increasingly seen as powerful determinants of disaster vulnerability and resilience. But, while disasters are highly gendered in popular culture (women as dependent victims/men as fearless heroes), for the most part disaster social science and disaster risk management remain "gender blind" and hence often gender biased. This talk examines some of the reasons for resistance to gender analysis and the implications for risk reduction and human rights in disasters. Key gender differences and inequalities warranting theoretical and practical attention are discussed, research needs identified, and international and national initiatives promoting gender equality and disaster risk reduction considered. I tell this story through photographs of women around the world caught up in disasters, including the Red River flood, hurricane Katrina and the Indian Ocean tsunami. Your thoughts are most welcome.

All presentations in the Brandon University Science Seminar Series are free of charge and open to all.

See a list of upcoming Science Seminar Series talks at:

For more information, please contact:

Kelly Stifora
Communications Officer
Brandon University
Phone: (204) 727-9762

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