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November 22, 2006

Source: University of New Brunswick - Fredericton

Private sector companies can now receive technical assistance from experts at the University of New Brunswick thanks to a recent agreement with the National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP).

"This new service allows a small- to medium-sized Canadian firm to access the expertise available at UNB Fredericton and UNB Saint John," said Elliott Keizer, the university’s director of industry-government services. "If a company needs technical help to solve an engineering problem, for example, they can contact us. We’ll review the project in conjunction with NRC-IRAP advisers, then we’ll find someone who can assist them."

Although the program is in its infancy at UNB, nine firms have been matched with UNB experts.

"In one case, a professor of electrical and computer engineering was called in to find the source of electrical interference that was affecting a firm’s computers and phone lines," said Mr. Keizer. "Another involved figuring out a way to clean a used fluid which had additives that were fouling equipment."

The service is intended for instances where the provision of a small amount of expertise in science, computer science or engineering — over a few days — will be sufficient to solve a problem or advance an opportunity. In addition to on-site trouble shooting, technical assistance could include activities such as selecting equipment, assessing a new product concept, conducting a technology search and review, providing technical training or giving ad-hoc advice.

Representatives of the university and NRC-IRAP recently signed a contribution agreement for the UNB/NRC-IRAP Short-term Technical Assistance Program. Under the agreement, NRC-IRAP provides funding and technical assistance to make the program possible.

Connecting private sector firms with UNB experts is just one of the many services provided by UNB’s Office of Research Services. The office also promotes and facilitates collaboration between UNB and other research organizations and assists with the transfer of knowledge and technology to industry and other users.

For more information on the UNB/NRC-IRAP Short-term Technical Assistance Program, contact Elliott Keizer in the Office of Research Services at 506-453-4674.

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Sandra Howland, Public Relations Officer (506) 458-7968



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