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Brock recruitment video earns gold award

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November 24, 2005

Source: Brock University:

Brock recruitment video earns gold award

The video that catches the attention of potential students for Brock University has won awards in two international competitions.

The recruitment video first received a gold medal at the 10th annual Aurora Awards based in Salt Lake City, Utah. That honour was followed by the presentation of a Certificate of Merit at the 41st INTERCOM Competition in Chicago.

Produced by St. Catharines-based Omni Media Productions Ltd., Recruitment and Liaison Services and the Office of University Communications, the video, titled "Brock University - 40 Years of Excellence," engages potential new students on a tour of the campus. It is hosted by fourth-year student Stephanie Sugamori who delivers a professional performance as she makes it known that Brock is a great place to learn and Niagara is great place to live.

The production was shot over one year and involved many campus 'extras' including students, professors and staff who enjoyed performing for the camera.

"They performed willingly," said Director/Videographer Peter Murray. "It was never difficult to find smiling faces." The script was developed by Niagara resident Linda Manson.

"The recruitment video significantly improves the University's ability to clearly demonstrate what the Brock experience is all about," says Barb Anderson, Registrar. "When meeting with prospective students at their schools, the video complements the University's print materials, campus events and website, and strengthens our overall recruitment strategy."

For the Brock staff who regularly use the video, the added touch of screening an internationally recognized winner just makes it a little easier to convince students and their parents that Brock University should be their first choice.

For more information, please contact Beth Natale, Director, Recruitment and Retention, Office of the Registrar, at 905-688-5550, ext. 3564; e-mail:



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