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Algonquin veterans donate painting to Nipissing University

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November 30, 2005

Source: Nipissing University:

Algonquin veterans donate painting to Nipissing University

North Bay, ON, November 30, 2005 — Nipissing University is extremely proud to receive a painting on permanent loan from the Algonquin Regiment Veterans Association. The painting, a still life painted by General George L. Cassidy, was presented to Nipissing in a special ceremony on Tuesday, November 29. The university also received a copy of General Cassidy’s book Warpath: the story of the Algonquin Regiment 1939-1945.

General Cassidy was born in Chicago in 1909 and moved to Toronto where he attended teachers' college. In 1932, he moved to Cobalt and began teaching. He joined the Algonquin Regiment in 1939 and volunteered for service when World War II began and the Regiment was mobilized. General Cassidy received the Distinguished Service Award for Bravery while on active duty. During his service, he was wounded in Belgium and returned to the Regiment upon his recovery.

There are 10 additional General Cassidy paintings on display at Troy Garrison in North Bay depicting the role of the Regiment moving through France. The painting presented to Nipissing, a still life, is believed to have been painted during the same creative time period and is striking for its marked difference in subject matter. In this piece, the peaceful serenity of the still life is in contrast to the wartime drawings.

General Cassidy originally gave the painting to Colonel Andrew Ritchie. In his later years, Colonel Ritchie gave the painting to Private Gerry Conroy, who chose to donate it to Nipissing University on behalf of the Algonquin regiment so that it could be appreciated by generations of students. Robert Cassidy, the General’s son, was a professor and dean at Nipissing University, as well as serving as interim president for one year.

Representatives of the Algonquin Regiment attending the presentation included Lieutenant Colonel John Smith, President Algonquin Regiment Veterans Association; Mike Kennedy, Vice-President Algonquin Regiment Veterans Association; Colonel Mike Bolan; Sergeant Major Ted King; Colonel Ernie Levis; Colonel Doug McDonald; Mrs. Chris Cassidy, General Cassidy’s daughter-in law; Mr. Chris Cassidy, General Cassidy’s grandson and Mrs. Sandy O'Grady, daughter of Major Keith Sterling.



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