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Eminent uOttawa professor leads Geography Awareness Week

November 6, 2006

OTTAWA, November 6, 2006 — Barry Wellar, retired University of Ottawa professor of geography and environmental studies, has been appointed media program director for the Geography Awareness Week, by the Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG).

Professor Wellar is the recipient of numerous awards, including the University of Ottawa’s President’s Award for Service to the University Through Media and Community Relations, and the Canadian Association of Geographers’ Award for Geography in the Service of Government or Business.

Professor Wellar believes that the Association is up to the challenge of increasing the awareness of Canadians about how the physical and human geography of this country is changing, and that a strong media program is critical to informing the public of the social, cultural, economic, political and environmental implications of those changes.

"Geography is becoming increasingly important to the everyday affairs of all Canadians, and it warrants attention by governments, corporations, and citizens on a daily basis. However, most of what the geographic community does in teaching, research, public policy, and business is unknown or is invisible to the vast majority of Canadians," explains Wellar.

"We believe that Geography Awareness Week is an excellent way to build national interest in the many facets of geography, and that communicating with Canadians through the media is central to our mission. That is what we believe; now we have to make it happen."

Geography Awareness Week runs from November 13 to 17.



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