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University of Windsor and other Ontario universities introduce landmark information tool

November 9, 2006

(WINDSOR, ONTARIO, NOVEMBER 9, 2006) – The University of Windsor and 18 other Ontario universities have developed Common University Data Ontario (CUDO),, an on-line tool designed to enable users to access and compare performance information collected in a fair and consistent manner.

The project was initiated by the Council of Ontario Universities and will focus on:

  • Number of degrees awarded, student enrolment and entering averages – all by program;

  • Number of students living on campus and activities offered;

  • Student satisfaction;

  • First-year tuition and ancillary fees by program;

  • Number of teaching faculty;

  • Undergraduate class size, by year level;

  • Research awards granted, and;

  • Graduation rates and employment rates by program.

    "We are very pleased to be part of a major effort to keep the public informed about our performance," said University of Windsor President Ross Paul. "This initiative goes hand-in-hand with the efforts of our own Performance Task Force(, which establishes benchmarks for the university’s future performance against the priorities set out in our strategic plan, To Greater Heights."

    In addition to the Performance Task Force, established by the Board of Governors in November, 2004, the University of Windsor takes part in two additional external surveys, the Canadian Undergraduate Survey Consortium (CUSC) and the National Survey of student Engagement (NSSE).

    "These surveys give us the kind of feedback we need to provide our students with the best possible experience, and gives us the tools we need to make continuous improvement," said Paul. "We are already seeing positive feedback from our students on such initiatives as our wireless-campus project, improvements to teaching and access to faculty, renewable scholarships and outstanding athletics and recreational services." He added: "The value of CUDO is that it gives the public another way of gathering information about the University of Windsor and all other Ontario universities, and it presents the facts in a transparent format."

    To compare the University of Windsor’s CUDO profile to those of other Ontario universities visit - 30-


    Lori Koutros Manager, News Services University of Windsor (519) 973-7001 / Cell: (519) 564-9908

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