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Source: Brock University

New York banker receives Distinguished Graduate Award from Brock University Faculty of Business

October 10, 2006

Brock University graduate whose workplace symbol is a red umbrella has
stepped onto the red carpet rolled out annually by the University's Faculty
of Business.

Stephen Young, Managing Director of Accounting Policy, Citigroup's Corporate
and Investment Bank (CIB), New York, N.Y., will be awarded the 2006
Distinguished Graduate Award from the Faculty at a special reception held at
the Four Points Sheraton on Thursday, Oct. 12. The award recognizes a
graduate who has earned prominence as a result of his or her exceptional
professional achievements and service to society.

Young graduated from Brock at the top of his class in 1991 with a Bachelor
of Accounting (Co-op) degree. He retained that No. 1 position when he
received his Master of Accountancy degree in 1992 from Case Western Reserve
University in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1997, he completed his PhD in Financial
Economics, also from Case Western.

"My experience at Brock contributed significantly to my later successes. I
am honoured that the Faculty sees it as appropriate to grant me this award,"
said Young.

Martin Kusy, Dean, Faculty of Business at Brock, said "The Faculty of
Business is indeed proud to name Stephen Young as our 2006 Distinguished
Graduate. Stephen has had an exceptional career and his outstanding success
in the finance industry brings great honour to both the Faculty and the

Young maintains his ties to Brock. He recently returned to the University to
work with the Faculty of Business and the Co-op Office to develop a
relationship with the Citigroup Buffalo office.

Located at Citigroup's New York City office, Young is responsible for
implementing and maintaining CIB's accounting policies; co-ordinating with
and advising Citigroup's treasurers, CFO's transactors and their customers
on structured finance and other accounting issues; and influencing the
development of relevant accounting standards.

Citigroup Inc. is a pre-eminent financial services company, with about 200
million customer accounts in more than 100 countries. Its history dates back
to the founding of Citibank in 1812, Bank Handlowy in 1870, Smith Barney in
1873, Banamex in 1884 and Salomon Brothers in 1910.



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